Augmented Reality vis Virtual Reality (A/R – V/R)

Unleash your imagination and live it!

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are related but different. They have one big thing in common. Both have the remarkable ability to alter our perception of the world, but where they differ, is in the perception of our presence.

Initially developed for gaming purposes, A/R and V/R has boomed across a variety of sectors, where applications in manufacturing,  defense,  education, and medicine are  endless. While virtual reality involves immersive experiences through sight and sound with 360 degrees 3d images, augmented reality superimposes images in real life sites, this allows users to test products before buying them, visualize items etc… Our experience in A/R and V/R is built on several success stories in telecom and marketing.

Virtual reality with Integrated Development:

Immerse your customers in stunning graphics and engaging content, VR has endless applications in various  industries, not just gaming. Applications include:

  1. Air flight simulations for teaching pilots

  2. 360-degree virtual tours for real estate listings

  3. 3d tours of interior design sketches from designers

  4. Training games for corporate training

  5. Feature new cars in virtual tours where customers can step in, change colors and take a full tour around it

  6. Test new retail floor plans with a virtual environment where customers can provide constructive feedback on the best layout.

Augmented Reality with Integrated Development

Bring digital content into real life by utilizing a mobile phone, tablet, or holographic headset with our advanced AR solutions. AR has seen applications in countless sectors with very high adoption and success rates. Clients that can profit from AR projects include but are not limited to:

  1. House furnishing where customers can check furniture on their actual space before buying

  2. Schools and educators can use AR extensively to teach various life sciences subjects 

  3. Navigational Maps can be deepened with useful information by adding an augmented layer with additional information

  4. Maintenance and manufacturing can value from AR by displaying vital technical data on machinery

  5. Medical uses include the ability to display a 3d version of an organ on top of the actual anatomy of the patient. 

All our solutions are built with the user in mind to deliver an easy to use application that can effortlessly integrate with most of the hardware associated.  


  1. Captivating real life images and content

  2. Sophisticated but easy to use applications that would guarantee adoption 

  3. Proved proficiency in various industries not only gaming, these include but not limited to education, telecom, manufacturing,  healthcare, and retail

  4. Compliant with most hardware providers

  5. Strong customer support where content can be dynamically changed to reflect new use cases or needs.