BI and Analytics

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Business intelligence and analytics are no longer and option for successful business in 2017.

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The cornerstone of any successful organization is the right intelligence at the right time to aid in proper decision-making.

Business intelligence helps companies drive value from spot-on decision making, this involves the process of collecting raw data, cleaning it, analyzing it, and reporting in real time dashboards. BI and analytics solutions equip managers and executives with  real-time dynamic data visualizations that deliver key insights and analysis into business operations, this helps them monitor daily work, identify any problems and make informed decisions

Business Intelligence with ID

We use  industry-leading tools in the development of our analytics and data visualization solutions to help companies extract the highest value from their information base. Our intuitive dashboards help stakeholders make timely decisions, improve transparency in business performance and help uncover any hidden correlations. Our BI solutions are also easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, thanks to our  service-oriented architecture framework. 

  1. Insightful dashboards 

  2. Mobile BI  

  3. Integration

  4. Stakeholder collaboration

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 Insightful Dashboards, Mobile BI, Integration. Decide now.