Big Data

The overabundance of data was a disadvantage in the past because people didn’t know how to make use of them or extract useful information and deductions from them. Now with the advancement in analytics and business intelligence, your data is one of the most important assets of your company because of the important conclusions and links that are uncovered from the data. Research by McKinsey shows that adopters of the right big data technology helped businesses double their incomes.

 Building on top of our business intelligence platform, ID offers unique solutions that leverage the power of big data to equip decision makers with the right tools. Our analytic solution engine has the capacity to process countless data from myriad sources and turn your empty data into a gold mine of relevant information, and inferences.

Features that stand out

Manifold sources: capture data and integrate from all your sources in real time. You can also easily search in your repository Actionable insights: Make your data work for you by uncovering hidden relationships and pointing out valuable insights for predictive planning and improved decision making Cloud enabled: Whether you want the solution on premise or in the cloud, we have the experience and capacity to implement the solution either way.

Powerful engine: Our solution can handle a high velocity and volume of data, in addition to complex data and data of different formats. All of this is collected, normalized and mined upon.