First created to manage bitcoin; the first cryptocurrency, this intelligent ledger based technology is expected to lead a disruption in global business and operations. Using block chain enables individuals and businesses to record transactions publicly and chronologically, the ledger doesn’t have one owner but shared between all the different parties which improves transparency and trust, every transaction is also ‘chained’ or closed so this makes it immune to any fraud and errors. While this is a fairly new technology applications have already sprung in global trade and finance with expected investments projected to grow at a rate of 68% annually.

 ID can help organizations transform their value chain using block chain, by utilizing up to date and state of the art tools our team covers all aspects of developing this solution, starting with analysis and ending with involving all the stakeholders. We have invested dearly in latest trainings and technologies that would enable us to develop solutions that can leverage the most value of this technology.
Opportunities for Blockchain There is a plethora of blockchain applications in the world of business, not only will it revolutionize the banking and finance sector, but its application in global trade is game changing. Among the other industries are also insurance, real estate, healthcare, and government
Benefits of Blockchain Increase trust between different stakeholders because of the transparency Cuts down on red tape and speeds up processes Improves and accuracy credibility because it is fraud and error resistant
Reduced expenses Simplifies your operations making it easier to control

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