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New technologies have the transformative power that can turn companies into industry leaders, losses into profits, and inept operations into efficient ones. Economies and businesses that have digitized realized immediate benefits and improvements. No longer a luxury; digitizing your operations have become a necessity to survive in today’ fierce world of competition and advancements.

Digitizing your business is not only built on mainstream solutions and technologies but new emerging technologies that although were just released recently, have made a disruption in the area of technology and IT.

Integrated Development is continuously investing time and resources in 7 emerging technologies that lay the groundwork for digitizing your operations, below are top  Hyped IT domains :

Big Data Solutions


Open Source

Machine Learning



The formula for success lies in the analytic capabilities, strong business acumen, advanced technical,

and project management expertise, creative thinking, and the skills and proficiency to combine all of this together. Our team is constantly thriving to implement the prerequisites for success and has helped a variety of clients realize the full potential of their IT investments.

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