New amazing shopping experience

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The digital transformation witnessed in the past decade gave rise to e-commerce as the new way to conduct business, it is estimated that by 2020 worldwide e-commerce sales would reach 4 trillion. More and more retailers, b2b and b2c, are racing to implement effective online sites that can translate “clicks” into successful purchases. Perfectly crafted e-commerce sites can help businesses witness exponential growth in sales as the customer is offered an ultimate shopping experience.

Integrated Development e-commerce solutions

Integrated Development has a proven track record of building engaging end to end e-commerce solutions, our partnerships with, and skill-set in award-winning e-commerce vendors ensures that our clients get top-notch profitable e-commerce sites. Our e-commerce solutions combine attractive website design to help grow your brand, 

personalized shopping to offer a satisfying shopping experience, and improved performance and stability that can withstand heightened traffic. Omnichannel engagement is also guaranteed with the mobile counterpart. 

Now you can Increase your sales and improve your customer experience with our unique features:

  • Dynamic website design: responsive website design to customer needs to be based on their needs

  • Intelligent e-commerce: we combine machine learning algorithms in our solutions to provide intelligent systems that would gradually learn from user input to better adapt to their needs

  • Stunning user experience: our user experience team offers attractive website design with engaging and easy to follow through features

  • Scalable: whether you sell a few items or a thousand our solution has the capacity to expand according to your needs without any problems in performance

  • Mobile ready: reach your customer through their favorite channel with the mobile counterpart of the solution

  • Flexible design: our tools allow us to easily change web page components according to clients’ needs

  • Efficient order management: Easily and efficiently manage your orders with our sturdy back office module