ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

All-in-one business management software

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Enterprise Resource Planning has become a staple in every organization and is vital for its survival in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. ERP helps companies automate and integrate its different processes and operations; all  back-office functions are easily managed and  integrated into a single interface. ERP covers many functions that include sales, accounting, human resources, product planning and manufacturing, it simplifies daily communication between these functions and keeps business operations updated and efficient. 

Integrated Development helps companies standardize their business processes and enhance their productivity by implementing customized ERP solutions that fit the client’s needs. Our deep domain knowledge in ERP is backed by our partnership with technology providers. Our solutions are deployed in various industries that include telco, government, retail, travel, and banking and finance.   

ERP..The Multifaceted work tool 

ERP is the backbone of any company operations, it helps automates all  back-office processes. Read on to discover how every company function can benefit from ERP Finance and accounting: This module helps in the bookkeeping of a company, its integration with other important modules such as manufacturing, sales, and purchases means that values are communicated effortlessly and accurately. The finance module generates important financial reports such as the profit loss  account and a balance sheet that  is vital in monitoring your financial performance.  

Manufacturing: the manufacturing module helps manage all operations related to manufacturing, where the complete supply chain is overseen by the module. This starts with the planning phase, followed by ensuring the right materials are in stock to tracking the production status. The module also helps keep track and manage the maintenance and quality control of the process. The ERP module for manufacturing collaborates and maintains communication channels between all the different stakeholders in the supply chain. 

Human Resources: Perhaps the most popular module; the human resources module assists HR staff and cuts down the time spent on administrative tasks in managing the company’s most important asset. From keeping track of vacation days, easing the hiring process, managing  training to automating the payroll of the employees, the HR ERP module is an irreplaceable tool for today’s HR. 

Inventory: Takes out  a headache from inventory management, business rules can be set for the acceptable levels of inventory, sales order, and logistics. This module not only helps in inventory management but automates purchasing according to the rules set, which drastically reduces the time to order, and improves the quality of procurement. 

Project Management: Leverage the power of agile project management with our project management ERP solution. Bring all your team members aboard an all-encompassing solution that covers all stages of a project from planning to implementation to analyzing. Our tools allow for easy planning and management where project managers can easily drag and drop tasks  to the different members, and forecast needs based on holiday schedules and comparable project’s  needs. 

 Sales: A proper ERP system serves all stakeholders of a company, and the customer is one of these vital stakeholders. Our sales module allows the sales team to send perfected quotations and pricing to their customers and with a click of a button it allows customers to sign these proposals using the electronic signature component. The sales solution speeds up the sales cycle as it automates the process of preparing proposals, calculating quotes and closing deals. With the Sales  solution, you can showcase your products in a graphically appealing and comprehensive manner. The customer portal provides an intuitive platform for customers to search quotations, manage proposals, payments, and swiftly close deals. 

  E-commerce: Improve your sales numbers with our  e-commerce solution, a fully customizable, easy to use, and eye-catching comprehensive  e-commerce system. Build your  e-commerce site to fit your exact needs with stunning graphics in no time using our wizard tools. Our solution comes complete with a sophisticated administrator module to help you track orders, inventory, and payments, added to that customer portals are included to assist customers in managing their  accounts