Integrated Development started its journey since 2004 serving SMEs, large enterprises and governmental entities with its state of art solutions, products, and services; including ERP, mobility and advanced solutions it rapidly expanded its portfolio to include predictive analytics, big data, and IoT that serve a wider array of customers and domains. Over its course, it has served a large number of satisfied customers. Our success does not stop here and continues to inspire new customers and transform businesses and operations with the latest technologies and advancements.

Vision & Mission  


To influence the vivacious digital disruption in the global community by emerging from the position of domestic leader to be one of best IT global companies, providing futuristic services, products and solutions to our customers that enable and transform the way businesses and consumers gather, manage and communicate information.


To empower global institutions with game-changing solutions that grant them ultimate success.   

To transfer the latest trends and practices in the technology field to the global community.

Our Objectives

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  • Maintain customer’s satisfaction by keeping in touch with trends and requirements of customers.

  • Provide the customer with the latest IT technologies according to their needs and requirements.

  • Expand globally by having the ambition to go beyond limits.

Diversity and Inclusion 

 We are not only global in our operations but in our views towards company culture and workplace diversity. At Integrated Development we understand that the true power of innovation and collaboration can only be unleashed when the walls of bias are brought down. We strive to make our workplace inclusive of all cultures, religions, and races and prohibit any bias or discrimination against certain races. Different cultures and backgrounds are what drives creativity and open up your workplace for new ideas, it is vital that all employees feel welcomed and comfortable to pitch in new ideas and engage in the workplace. 

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