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Trends- IoT

Estimated to grow at an annual rate of 41%, IOT is expected to revolutionize business operations and boost operational efficiency. By connecting building, vehicles, machinery, and physical devices embedded with smart sensors, to software solutions, people and organizations can now not only control their operations remotely but also feed in their big data and analytics with abundant data to aid in efficiency improvement.

 As a pioneer in new technologies, ID is at the forefront of developing software applications and customizations for Iot. Our applications can help organizations succeed in effectively transforming into smart businesses where all their devices can be securely and intelligently connected and controlled. Our applications have smart predictive analysis components that can process endless machine data and turn it into insightful information and predictions. Fully automate your business and drive business results with our sturdy advanced customizable Iot applications.

Countless applications, one provider At ID we recognize that IOT applications span various industries not just manufacturing, these include Enabling smart homes Healthcare: wearables and monitoring equipment help track vital health signs that are communicated to the main hospital databases Agriculture: smart sensors can track important environmental information such as rain level, humidity and temperature which is communicated with automated sprinkling systems and mobile apps Retail: smart supply chains, and inventory tracking sensors that automatically order new supplies when inventory is running low.

We have built strong industry knowhow that would address the exact needs and enable the adoption of this technology.

State-of-the-art IoT Applications

 While the ecosystem of Iot technology is vast our expertise is in developing applications for Iot. Our applications can be easily integrated with Iot platforms to ensure optimal connectivity. Our applications help stakeholders easily control their devices and monitor its performance. In addition, our analytics module means better predictive analysis and smart performance.