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With increasing costs and hassles of in house development, many organizations are turning to outsourcing to satisfy their needs for a variety of IT services ranging from desktop support to software development. Statistics show that 31% of IT services have been outsourced and will continue so for the coming years, with around 7.8% of IT budgets of large organizations being spent in outsourcing. At ID we offer premium outsourcing solutions that covers a multitude of domains which include:

Infrastructure Software development Testing Product design and development

Why Egypt?

Listed among the top 30 destinations for outsourcing by Gartner since 2010, Egypt has become a favorite destination for outsourcing due to its low rates and highly skilled labor. 


Why ID?

Competitive rates: ID offers below market average rates with above average quality Flexible models: We have a variety of outsourcing models that include onsite or offsite that cater to the different needs of the clients.

 Strong technical expertise: Our technical team hosts expertise in a variety of areas covering Microsoft tools, mobile development, and open source technologies.