Travel Technology Solutions

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A we have developed a state of the art comprehensive travel technology solution that manages and processes the operations of travel agencies, travel management companies, and tour operators. Equipped with distinctive search and booking technology, inspire presents customers with best offers and optimized bundles for the best travel experience. Using our product, you can book flights, hotels, transportation and attractions at competitive rates. 

Our Differentiators: 

  1. Engaging intuitive interface.

  2. Easy to use and navigate portal.

  3. Innovative and engaging user experience features such as map visualizations, weather gadgets, distance measurement and showing attractions.

  4. Creative bundling options where users can book a flight, hotel, transportation.

Clever search capabilities built on strong analytics: 

  1. Responsive results are based on previous searches,

  2. Associations are also created between the destinations, hotels, airports, landmarks, activities, and events, to offer intelligent recommendation and suggestions to different users

  3. Ability to search with free text query for easier usage

Fast deployment and time to market with effortless personalization for company-specific branding

Insightful analytics and dashboards:

  1. Admins can data mine in the reservation data to uncover important relations and make informed decisions. 

Flexible deployment:

  1. App can be easily viewed on any mobile or tablet

  2. Deployment can be on cloud or on-premise

Powerful admin module for easier and better management of platform

Unsurpassed search results due to our unique crawling technology and integration with a multitude of top global travel suppliers.

Different Needs Different Products

Integrated Development can adapt the travel solution according to your needs and business models, so whether you want to operate as an online travel solution, or just employ a Metasearch engine or want a solution for corporate rates Integrated Development can modify the product structure according to your needs.

Online Travel System:

This is a system that allows agencies, or end users to search and book their travel itinerary. Our solution is connected with the top airline and hotel providers to guarantee the maximum reach and best rates. With a click of a button, you can now easily and swiftly book your complete vacation covering not only your airline ticket, but your hotel reservation, transportation, and attractions.

Metasearch Travel System:

Integrated Development also offers a Metasearch travel solution where we connect to multiple Online Travel agencies to get the most competitive rates. Our solution scours the internet and different OTAs to fetch the best offers and bundles. Once the customer is set on a certain airline or hotel the Metasearch takes him/her to the designated website for reservation and booking. 

Corporate Online Travel System:

The Corporate Online Travel System is a travel solution built for corporate customers, it is a comprehensive solution that covers the search, booking, expense management and reporting functions of corporate travel. Our solution has the ability to search for the best corporate deals while keeping in mind any budget controls, airline and hotel reward points, and any company policies. In addition to its superior search capabilities, our solution is equipped with a complete expense management module that effortlessly connects to your company’s billing and HR systems for easy information exchange. Executives can also track their employees travel behavior and activity through our intuitive reporting dashboard

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