Why Integrated Development?

Integrated Development .. Empowering Business with the Latest IT Solutions

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Our technical expertise extends beyond the mainstream solutions, and also covers custom applications, enterprise solutions and a variety of products. Complex business processes and operations sometimes require specific applications that do not fall into the domain of well-known solutions such as CRM or  ERP, or require a combination of several ones. At Integrated Development we are specialized in a variety of technologies including both open source and commercial to cover our clients' specific needs.

Why we deserve your trust?

Customer's satisfaction is our ultimate priority

  • Better control and transparency, different business functions are easily integrated into our flagship solution to improve control on your value chain, our reporting dashboards offer great visibility to promote better transparency and collaboration

  • Maximized efficiency, all modules are easily integrated together for proper information flow, where systems and components are updated in real time when any vital information be it sales, inventory, HR, or manufacturing.

  • Enhanced business performance as our solutions are highly customized to address the specific needs of our customers, and functions are well aligned with the business needs

  • Improved agility and flexibility in the workplace as our ERP solution is mobile and cloud-enabled.

  • Affordable business transformation; Our ERP implementation is competitively priced compared to many other competitors.

Odoo CMS - a big picture



Integrated Development's social responsibility is a cornerstone of our culture.